Lending library of materials/games

The Special Education Parent Resource Center (PRC) is a user-friendly resource for parents of special needs students.  Our goals include: 

- helping reinforce skills (academic, social, sensory, life skills, etc.) with which the student may be struggling, by providing materials/activities to practice those skills at home, in a natural environment.  

- serving as a link between parents/families and the IWCS Special Education department or services, through available resources.


Samples for Reading/Language Arts include skills in the following areas:

Reading Fluency          Main Idea     

Reading for Details     Summarizing   

Making Inferences       Cause & Effect     


Boardgames for Reading Comprehension Level 1 (Grades 1-2) and Level 2 (Grades 3-5).  

Predicting Outcomes, Following Directions, Reading for Details, Informational Text, Sequencing, Inferences, Context Clues


Early Literacy skills:

Phonological Awareness     Beginning Sounds     Alphabet     Ready for Preschool Backpack of Activities      Letter Sounds    

Rhyming       Sequencing     Retelling              Short Vowel Phonics Game         Long Vowel Phonics Game       Vowel Teams      

Learning Sight Words         Emergent Readers       Ending Sounds          Middle Sounds         Phonics Flip Books     Opposites     

Vocabulary     Word Building     Syllables



Math materials to help with the following skills -  (Grades PK - 5th/6th, most  with hands-on activities).

Numbers          Counting          Comparing Numbers        Patterning     Shapes          Addition       Subtraction     Telling Time   

Money              Geometry          Place Value                 Measurement and Data         Multi-step Problem Solving       Fractions     

Multiplication    Division           Operations                    Decimals          Volume           Angles/ Symmetry        Algebraic Thinking    

Measurement Conversion